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I have a web console that I'm building with ServiceStack's AppHostHttpListenerBase (i.e. self hosted).

I'd like to use less.js so I can use .less style sheets but ServiceStack always returns 'Forbidden' when an request is made to any file that isn't .js, .css, .html etc.

I tried using an httpmodule in the app.config to process path "*.less" instead but I'm not sure that ServiceStack self hosted interprets the config file fully.

Is there a way to configure ServiceStack to serve static content of arbitrary filetype?

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I cannot understand anything from your question. If you mean html pages, this question and answer is helpful Is it possible to serve HTML pages with ServiceStack? – stefan2410 Oct 3 '13 at 12:11
Apologies if wasn't clear. The question compiles to: "how do I serve .less files from self-hosted ServiceStack?" – Robin Oct 3 '13 at 12:28
change your question title like you wrote, so your question will be useful to others. Glad you solve it. – stefan2410 Oct 3 '13 at 12:41
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Solved this myself. Tip for life: explore with IntelliSense before confusing SO community!

public override void Configure(Funq.Container container)
    ServiceStack.Logging.LogManager.LogFactory = new ServiceStack.Logging.Support.Logging.ConsoleLogFactory();

    Plugins.Add(new ServiceStack.Razor.RazorFormat());

    var config = new EndpointHostConfig
        CustomHttpHandlers = {
            { System.Net.HttpStatusCode.NotFound, new ServiceStack.Razor.RazorHandler("/notfound") }
        EnableFeatures = Feature.All ^ Feature.Metadata

The AllowFileExtensions property is what I wanted. Pointing a browser at the filepath now downloads the file (I'd rather view it in the browser, as per css and js files, which I guess is controlled in the header of the response, but I cba to fix it as it work perfectly in 'link href="blah.less"')

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