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I am trying to delta compress an image in python and use COBS to pack it into a binary file. I have managed to build a script that performs all this (I think - I haven't reverse it yet) but it takes about 4minutes an image. I have located the slow part of the code to be where I pack the values together into a bit string (3minutes) and where I unpack those values into 8bit unsigned integers, representing bytes, for COBS. How would I go about doing this better and faster?

Note: - The code I refer to is in the "getByte_List" function in the Delta_Imagerow class - Everything with more than one hash(#) is my debug code.

from PIL import Image
from bitstring import BitArray, Bits, pack
import time

class Delta_Imagerow(object):
    """Class for holding image row data for delta compression"""

def Num_Bits_Pixel(self):
    bits_pixel = BitArray(uint = self.max_delta_value, length = 16)
    for I in range(len(bits_pixel)):
        if bits_pixel[I]:
            return ((len(bits_pixel) - I) + 1)

def Delta_Values(self):
    last_value = self.intial_value
    for I in self.row_data[1:]:
        self.delta_values.append(last_value - I)
        last_value = I

        if self.max_delta_value < abs(self.delta_values[-1]):
            self.max_delta_value = abs(self.delta_values[-1])

def __init__(self, row_data):
    self.row_data = row_data
    self.intial_value = row_data[0]
    self.delta_values = []
    self.max_delta_value = 0


    self.num_bits_pixel = self.Num_Bits_Pixel()
    self.byte_list = []

def getRow_Data(self):
    return self.row_data

def getIntial_Value(self):
    return self.intial_value

def getDelta_Values(self):
    return self.delta_values

def getMax_Delta_Value(self):
    return self.max_delta_value

def getNum_Bits_Pixel(self):
    return self.num_bits_pixel

def getByte_List(self):
    values = BitArray("")
    for I in range(len(self.delta_values)):
        temp = Bits(int= self.delta_values[I], length=self.num_bits_pixel)
    ##start_time = time.time()
    bit_stream = pack("uint:16, uint:5, bits", self.intial_value, self.num_bits_pixel, values)
    ##end_time = time.time()
    ##print(end_time - start_time)

    # Make sure that the list of bits contains a multiple of 8 values
    if (len(bit_stream) % 8):
        bit_stream.append(Bits(uint=0, length = (8-(len(bit_stream) % 8))))                           #####Append? On a pack? (Only work on bitarray? bit_stream = BitArray("")

    # Create a list of unsigned integer values to represent each byte in the stream
    fmt = (len(bit_stream)/8) * ["uint:8"]
    return bit_stream.unpack(fmt)

def cobs(byte_list):

    ##bit_stream = BitArray("")

    ##Test large arrays
    ##for I in range(0, 2):
    ##    for J in range(1, 200):
    ##        bit_stream.append(Bits(uint=J, length = 8))

    ##Test small arrays
    ##bit_stream = BitArray("0xFF7638007F0201")

    output_packet = []
    start_idx = 0

    # Append 0 for COBSing
    #print byte_list

    for idx in range(len(byte_list)):
        if byte_list[idx] == 0:
            if idx != start_idx:
                for byte in byte_list[start_idx:idx]:
            start_idx = idx + 1
        elif idx -start_idx == 253:
            for byte in byte_list[start_idx:idx]:
            start_idx = idx + 1
    ##print output_packet
    return output_packet

def delta_compression(image, output, output1):
    org_Image = Image.open(image)
    org_Data = org_Image.load()

    width, height = org_Image.size
    temp_data = []
    delta_rows = []
    output_stream = BitArray("")

    with open (output, "w") as olddata:
        with open (output1, "wb") as compdata:
            for y in range(0, height):
                temprow_data = []
                for x in range(0, width):
                    temprow_data.append(org_Data[x, y])
                    olddata.write(str(org_Data[x, y]) + " ")


            for row in range(height):
                bytes_test = bytearray(cobs(delta_rows[row].getByte_List()))

            ##print delta_rows[1].getIntial_Value()
            ##print delta_rows[1].getMax_Delta_Value()
            ##print delta_rows[1].getNum_Bits_Pixel()
            ##print len(delta_rows[1].Bit_Stream())
            ##print cobs(delta_rows[1].getByte_List())

# Command-line interface     
import argparse, os

if __name__ == "__main__": 

    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Compression of image files')
    parser.add_argument('image', help='Select the file to be compressed')
    parser.add_argument('output', help='Output of the compression')
    parser.add_argument('output1', help='test output')

    args = parser.parse_args()

    abspath_image = os.path.abspath(args.image)
    abspath_output = os.path.abspath(args.output)
    abspath_output1 = os.path.abspath(args.output1)

    delta_compression(abspath_image, abspath_output, abspath_output1)
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