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I would make sure that a specific html element with the contentEditable HTML5 attribute, the user can not execute "commands" (for example: CTRL + B, CTRL + I, etc.). I would make this with jQuery or javascript functions. How I can do it? Thank you

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You can listen for the key events and if the input matches a command, you can prevent-default it:

Sample code (tested in Chrome only):

div.addEventListener('keydown', keyHandler);

function keyHandler(e) {
  if (matchesCmd(e)) {

function matchesCmd(e) {              
  return e.ctrlKey && e.which==86; // Ctrl-v

Demo (tested in Chrome only): http://jsbin.com/Akejur/1/edit

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Thanks for your answer. So I need a list of the CTRL+* commands and add it into the script, right? Thank you again –  user2806879 Oct 3 '13 at 12:30
The matchesCmd method should return true if the keypress event matches a command (however you define it) and false otherwise. If any key pressed with ctrl on is a command, simply return e.ctrlKey and you're done. You should also look at how your library of choice abstracts events; addEventListener might not be available, the event might have properties or values differently for the same keys, etc. –  Tibos Oct 3 '13 at 12:43

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