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I have a SharePoint list that gets installed by a feature.

I need to enable content types which I do so in a feature receiver:

SPList list = site.Lists["NameOfList"];
list.ContentTypesEnabled = true;

The problem is that it seems the method:site.Lists["NameOfList"], is really looking at the Title not the ID.

How can I get the list by using the ID and NOT the title which is subject to change because of Localization...

    Id="ThisISTheIDField"  //Want to retrieve list instance based on this field.

Thanks in advance. And 10 years of hail Maries for the MS SharePoint developer who wrote this internal dare I say - c.r.a.p?

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So your list is a custom list, right?

You can add:


To your list definition and you won't need the feature?

See: List Element

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In theory your suggestion sounds plausable, but this is SharePoint we're talking about, so I will have to really test it to make sure it respects that property. –  JL. Dec 17 '09 at 10:37
LOL.. let go, let go.. embrace The SharePoint –  ArjanP Dec 18 '09 at 7:56
ok it worked... and without a prayer first.... –  JL. Dec 28 '09 at 16:27

There is no site.Lists (Maybe is a SPWeb? The naming is awkward, I Know)

<SPWeb Instance>.Lists.GetList(Guid uniqueId, bool bFetchMetadata)
<SPWeb Instance>.Lists.GetList(Guid uniqueId, bool bFetchMetadata, bool bFetchSecurityData)
<SPWeb Instance>.GetList(string strUrl)

The third option could combine the url and use the internal name to grab it (in the URL lists are accessed by the internal name)

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If the operation has to be completed only once in a lifetime, I'd suggest looping throuhg the .Lists collection and checking if the baseTemplate matches:

For Each oList In web.Lists
    If (list1.BaseTemplate = 10051) Then
    End If
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