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I make a POST to a request with a File included in the request body.

In my method I retrieve this File

if(request.body.file("imageFile").getOrElse(null) != null) {
          request.body.file("imageFile").map{ case FilePart(key, name, contentType, content) =>
              val in:InputStream = new BufferedInputStream(new ByteArrayInputStream(content))
              image = ImageIO.read(in)
            } catch {
              case e => Logger.debug(e.printStackTrace.toString); throw new Exception(e.getMessage)

If a File is included in the request body it tries to get it, else it just tries to get a file from S3.

else {
     val in:InputStream = new BufferedInputStream(new ByteArrayInputStream(S3Storage.retrieveS3File("facebook.jpg").content))
     image = ImageIO.read(in)
   } catch {
     case e:IOException => Logger.debug("Failed to retrieve facebook image"); throw new IOException(e.getMessage)

All this works fine when I run it on my computer, but when I check in this and test it on the amazon server the image = ImageIO.read(in) gives me an error; Can't read input file!.

For me this makes no sense since the file is either in the request body or it's grabbed from a S3 bucket.

I've debugged this code and in the production environment there is a file available there when the "read" is done.

Why cannot the file be read from the production environment?


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Wrapping a ByteArrayInputStream in a BufferedInputStream is pointless, as it's already reading from a buffer (the array). I will only decrease performance. –  haraldK Oct 4 '13 at 9:12
When you debug, which one of your ImageIO.read do you hit? The one with the uploaded image or the one from Amazon? –  haraldK Oct 4 '13 at 9:12

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One suggestion would be not to swallow the original exception and stack trace. Use constructor new Exception(message, catchedException) in your catch blocks.

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