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I try to attach connected StreamSocket to SecureStreamSocket:

class MyConnection : public TCPServerConnection {
    Context::Ptr m_pContext;
    MyConnection(const StreamSocket& socket, Context::Ptr pContext)
    : TCPServerConnection(socket),

    virtual void run() {
      SecureStreamSocket secureSock(SecureStreamSocket::attach(socket(), m_pContext));
      socket() = secureSock;

But I have SSLException:

SSL Exception [N4Poco3Net12SSLExceptionE]: error:140C5042:SSL routines:SSL_UNDEFINED_FUNCTION:called a function you should not call

Initialization of SSL library was performed:

Poco::Net::initializeSSL(); // inside Application::initialize

The context init after SSL initialization:

 Poco::Net::Context::Ptr pContext =
      new Poco::Net::Context(
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We can rewrite SecureStreamSocket::attach(...) this way:

SecureStreamSocket SecureStreamSocket::attach(const StreamSocket& streamSocket, Context::Ptr pContext)
  SecureStreamSocketImpl* pImpl = new SecureStreamSocketImpl(static_cast<StreamSocketImpl*>streamSocket.impl()), pContext);
  SecureStreamSocket result(pImpl);
  if (pImpl->context()->isForServerUse())
  return result;

Thanks for this post. Now it works well for servers and clients.

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