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Can anyone enlighten me about the use of fudgeFactor in Matlab? Thanks.

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>>which fudgeFactor

This will tell you where that function resides

>>edit fudgeFactor

This will show you the MATLAB file. It is not in any standard install of MATLAB.

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Thanks! It says that fudgeFactor is a variable. –  Veronica Dec 16 '09 at 17:17

It is possible that fudgeFactor is a function or variable specific to your application or code base. It does not appear to be a built-in MATLAB feature.

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If it's well-documented,

help fudgeFactor

will display the documentation. Couldn't hurt to try!

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A "fudge factor" is engineering slang for the number that you multiply your calculated result by in order to get the answer you wanted!

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