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I have a PostgreSQL function that takes one string as parameter/this is dynamic sql query/ and executes that dynamic SQL and I expect the result from the dynamic query.

It seems that in PostgreSQL I should predefine what I will return - but this is impossible since I am executing dynamic statement and sometimes I will return one int column, sometimes I will return 5 varchar columns....

Another thing is that existing jdbc code will call the function-and I cannot change it-I can't define the types dynamically like:

{call execute_dynamic(?) as (a varchar(255),b int)};

The code that will call the procedure is: 

{call execute_dynamic(?)}

and cannot be changed....

Is there a way to implement this?

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The solution is to use refcursor as return type.

OPEN ref_cursor FOR EXECUTE dynamic_sql;
 return ref_cursor;
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