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I am trying to host a custom Windows Forms control in WPF. My custom control does not have a public constructor, and it has a static Create() method which looks something like this:

public abstract class MyCustomControl : UserControl
  internal MyCustomControl(...) {  }

  public static MyCustomControl Create(SomeEnum kind)
    switch (kind)
      case SomeEnum.Kind1:
        return new MySuperCustomControl(...);

What I want to do is instantiate this custom control in WPF and then have it hosted in WindowsFormsHost, but I obviously can't add an abstract class:

 <wfi:WindowsFormsHost Width="250" Height="150">
  <my:MyCustomControl x:Name="customControl" />  <-- doesn't work

Is there a way I could add it into the "Host" via code?

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You can't host control without public constructor in XAML. You can try two way:

  1. define name for your WindowsFormsHost and set Child property of WindowsFormsHost to your instance from static Create() in C# code. for example in initialize (or load) method. - it is simple way.
  2. try to bind Child property of WindowsFormsHost to Create() method. Frankly, I don't know or this approach will be work... but you can try :).. how bind to method in XAML? you can read - this or try to look in msdn or google :)
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Found it, it's the WindowsFormsHost.Child property.

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