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Is it feasible to become proficient with msft dotNet using only opensource (or no-fee tools from msft)

if yes, what is the toolset?

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There is also:

  • SharpDevelop
  • Mono (though not strictly the whole framework includes mono develop)
  • Roll your own directly with any editor, MSBuild and the SDK
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Yes. The Express Editions of Visual Studio.

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And if you need a relational database SQL Server Express and MySQL are free.

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If by open source you mean free these are a good start:

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Visual Studio Express is a free download from Microsoft.

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Yes, however only to an extent. The free stuff like Microsoft Visual Studio Express is a great start for hobbyist and can help you practice the fundamentals. But you need the paid version for advance tools/features like code analysis. The advance tools help you do the powerful stuff and can reduce the amount of code you write and errors you create.

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