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Amazon supports a single byte range request

curl -I --range 100-599 http://s3.amazonaws.com/1000genomes/data/NA06984/alignment/NA06984.chrom11.ILLUMINA.bwa.CEU.low_coverage.20111114.bam

Response header from the above request correctly shows Content-Length: 500

However if you add another range

curl -I --range 100-599,700-800 http://s3.amazonaws.com/1000genomes/data/NA06984/alignment/NA06984.chrom11.ILLUMINA.bwa.CEU.low_coverage.20111114.bam

It ignores the range request and gives the content length of the whole file Content-Length: 1274819234

Does anyone know if amazon s3 supports multiple byte range requests? Or a workaround?

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According to the doc as well as api still Amazon S3 does not supports multiple byte range requests. Can you tell us the use-case ?

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