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pdf2htmlEX renders PDF files in HTML. It aims to provide an accurate rendering, while keeping optimized for Web display. After some demos I got convinced to use this:



I could manage to install pdf2htmlEX and convert locally PDF to HTML, however I want to use it in my rails app. So, I found kristin gem, which makes exactly that.

My concern is that I'm lacking of some knowledge to make it work, basically how to use this gem. Here is a repo of kristin, where in usage section is written what to do. Some basic question I'm concern of:

  1. Where exactly I store require 'kristin'? Currently it's in application.rb
  2. Kristin.convert('', 'example.html'). Where do I store this line? I have tried in many ways but with no success.

I assume after this few steps I will get basic functionality of pdf2htmlEX in my app?


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You may have already found a solution by now, but for posterity, you would require 'kristin' in whatever .rb file you needed to use it (although Bundler should be taking care of that for you if you added gem 'kristin' to your Gemfile). Then you can proceed to use the helper method Kristin.convert(...) wherever you need to.

Just realize that this is not a 'drop in' solution for your production environment. You would need to install pdf2htmlEX on the production machine as well (hence the comment in kristin's example: # This requires that the pdf2htmlEX command is present in your PATH.) For example, you wouldn't be able to do this on a managed PaaS like Heroku.

Hope this helps someone.

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