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I've used a few gotos here, but whenever I try the file it goes straight to :john before it tries :brutus. Why is this and how can I fix it?

@echo off

echo ---------------------------
echo System Online
echo ---------------------------
echo Select Tool:
goto :toolselect
set /p choosetool=Enter a number to select Tool: 
if %choosetool%=='1' goto :hydra
if %choosetool%=='2' goto :john
if %choosetool%=='3' goto :brutus
if %choosetool%=='4' goto :nmap
if %choosetool%=='5' goto :python
if %choosetool%=='' goto :exit

start OpenJohn.bat

start C:\Users\user\Desktop\Tools\Brutus.lnk
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The fundamental issues are that == in an if statement matches STRINGS on either side of the ==, so an unquoted string on the left would never match a quoted string on the right, as solved by foxidrive. The second issue is that batch simply charges on straight through labels; they're not like procedures in other languages, hence since no if matchesm, the commands in :john are executed, then those in :brutus and so on until a GOTO or end-of-file or EXIT or external-batchfile-name is encountered. Note that goto :eof (the colon is required) means 'go to end-of-file' (an inbuilt label – Magoo Oct 3 '13 at 16:33

Try this block instead - double quotes give you a safe compare and including poison characters. The lines to catch an invalid input would have let you realise that none of your compares were working.

set "choosetool="
set /p "choosetool=Enter a number to select Tool: "
if "%choosetool%"=="1" goto :hydra
if "%choosetool%"=="2" goto :john
if "%choosetool%"=="3" goto :brutus
if "%choosetool%"=="4" goto :nmap
if "%choosetool%"=="5" goto :python
if "%choosetool%"=="" goto :exit
echo invalid input
goto :EOF
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