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I have an application which uses many different timezones... it sets them in a controller and they change depending on the user. All the times are stored in UTC without a timestamp etc.

My understanding is this is the normal way for Rails to handle timezones. This works fine 99% of the time until i need to do something directly with Postgres then the Timezone becomes a problem.

For example this query is completely wrong except for GMT, for example in Central Time Zone, depending on the hour set, it gets the wrong day:

Events.where("EXTRACT(dow FROM start_at)", Date.today.wday)

Where I'm trying to find all the dates that fall on a certain day.

I'm trying to do something like this. I don't need to search between timezones (they won't be mixed), but I do need to specify the timezone if it's not UTC to get correct results.

User.events.where("EXTRACT(dow FROM start_at AT TIME ZONE ?) = ?", 'UTC', Date.today.wday)

But I'm not sure how to use Time.zone to give me something that will work with TIME ZONE in Postgres.

Time.zone.tzinfo sometimes works... Postgres will work with 'Europe/Warsaw' but Rails returns 'Europe - Warsaw'

In general I'm not having much luck with timezones, any pointers would be appreciated.

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Maybe someone else has a better overall solution, but what you need for the particular query is


Or, in your example:

User.events.where("EXTRACT(dow FROM start_at AT TIME ZONE ?) = ?", Time.zone.tzinfo.identifier, Date.today.wday)
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Try using the Ruby TZInfo gem directly, instead of using Rails ActiveSupport::TimeZone.

Alternatively, use the MAPPING constant, as shown in the ActiveSupport::TimeZone documentation, which will take you from a Rails time zone key back to the standard IANA time zone identifier used by Postgres and others.

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