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I want to use XSL to convert XML to another XML

The input xml contains the following element


which need to be converted to the following

<ImageViewDetail ViewSideIndicator="Front"/>

in the input file, if the value is "0", then it should be "Front" in the output and if the value is "1", then it should be "Back" in the output

I know that we can use <xsl:choose> to make the value based on a decision, but i'm not sure how to do it for this case.

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There does ImageViewDetail (element name), and part of attribute value which says "Gray", come from? – Pavel Minaev Dec 16 '09 at 17:52
we can ignore "Gray" for now – ala Dec 16 '09 at 17:56
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In the template (assuming that the current source context is the ViewSideIndicator element):

    <xsl:attribute name="ViewSideIndicator">
            <xsl:when test="text()='0'">Front</xsl:when>
            <xsl:when test="text()='1'">Back</xsl:when>
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+1. Better yet, use (. = 0) and (. = 1) for comparisons - it's both shorter, and will correctly handle any number representation (e.g. 00 and 01), which is likely to be what is wanted here. – Pavel Minaev Dec 16 '09 at 18:05

Do you mean something like this (or a version of it as a template)?

		<xsl:when test="ViewSideIndicator=0">
			<xsl:attribute name="ViewSideIndicator">Front Gray</xsl:attribute>
			<xsl:attribute name="ViewSideIndicator">Back Gray</xsl:attribute>
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