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I'm dealing with an HTML structure like this:

<div class="post-info">
    <span class="date published time" title="2013-10-01T13:49:12+00:00">October 1st, 2013</span>
    <p>Info about person.</p>
    <p>Special notice that only displays if the date is September 27th, 2013 or later.</p>

Putting the title of the span into a variable, I used substr() to extract the part that reads like "YYYY-MM-DD".

But isn't it in the variable as a text string? How can I then convert this text string into a date object, and then compare that to 2013-09-27 to execute a block of code only if the date in the span title is the 27th or newer?

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Convert the text into a Date object

var theDateString = '2013-10-01';  // the date you got using the substr() function
if (new Date(theDateString) >= new Date('2013-09-27')) {
    // your code to run if the date is greater than or equal to 2013-09-27
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Worked perfectly. Thanks! –  user1729506 Oct 3 '13 at 16:27

Add a class of hidden to the information to be shown after said date and add css to hide it

<p class="hidden">Special notice that only displays if the date is September 27th, 2013 or later.</p>


Get the element's title and parse it into a date.

var date = new Date($(".date.published.time").prop("title"));

Then compare the date to September, 27

var compare = new Date("2013", "8", "27");

If the date is greater that the 27th remove the class of hidden from the information

if (compare < date){

Here is a Fiddle for it.

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