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I need to use Integer Linear Programming API/Tool for my application. Though my application is in Java but I don’t mind calling an EXE (Tool) from Java providing input using file (MPS, etc).

My search analysis is as follows: There are multiple Open Source and Commercial tools available to solve ILP Following I found and think are useful for my needs. 1. Gnu LP Kit(GLPK): I think this is the oldest and probably most stable and efficient 2. IP_Solve: Has good reviews about it. 3. JavaILP: Found this, but not much reviews about it 4. Apache Common-Math: Supports LP but not ILP, so ruled out. 5. Coin-OR

Can you please suggest which one shall be the best in terms of stability, efficiency, acceptance, etc


Sandeep Jindal

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I have successfully called another free LP/MIP solver called LPSolve from java using their java wrapper. It is a pretty good solver for decent sized problems. I was solving problems with more than 5000 integer variables. From your list, it looks like you want to confine yourself to free tools; otherwise, there are commercial options available.

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@Svante: What was the edit? –  Samik R Dec 30 '09 at 22:57
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Thanks for the answer. I am finally using LP Solve. The good things about this is (which may be present in other LP solver tools as well) is the timeout option. Thus I can get the optimal result in the mentioned timeout seconds.

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what would be cost for IBM ilog? –  Sandeep Jindal Jul 21 '10 at 22:39
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