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I have created small bash script which finds the unused images(*.jpg and *.png) in iOS project. And here is the code for the same.

//For removing space and replace '\n' in file and folder names


//Find all files with extension *.png and *.jpg

`for i in `find . -name "*.png" -o -name "*.jpg"``; do` 

//Get the base name of found file

file=``basename -s .jpg "$i" | xargs basename -s .png`` 

//Replace "\n" with original space so that ack can search exact file name in all files 

filenameWithSpace="${file//$'\n'/ }" 

//Merge both basename and extension for ack command
//Add this "</dev/null" to ack command for it to work on jenkins setup



result=`ack -i --ignore-file=match:/.\.pbxproj/ "$filename" </dev/null`

//result=ack -i "$filename" </dev/null
//If result is NULL then ack did not find any occurrence of the filename in any file

`if [ -z "$result" ];`

`then `

`echo "$i" `

`fi `


Should ".pbxproj" be included in my search? I ask this question since including and excluding ".pbxproj" provides me different results.

Thanks in advance.

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Don't include the .pbxproj. It will have the image references.

FYI : to find the unused images.

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