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I have an SConscript which is being copied to a build directory (variant_dir = ...) for construction. As a workaround for not being able to express dependencies, I'm trying to copy some additional files into the build directory.

How do I determine what the current build directory is, within an SConscript?

For instance, in the following layout, the inner SConscript file should set my_build_directory as, "build/something."

    SConstruct      # "SConscript('something/SConscript', variant_dir = 'build/something')
        SConscript  # "my_build_directory = ..."
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My answer seems too simple, so maybe I misunderstood the question, but ...

For me, in subdir/SConscript:

my_build_directory = '.'

echo_cmd = Command('always.echo', [],  "echo %s" % (Dir('.').abspath))
Alias('echo', echo_cmd)


# => cd test-scons
# => ls 
#    build/  SConstruct  subdir/
# => scons echo 
#    scons: Building targets ...
#    echo HOME/test-scons/build/subdir
#    HOME/test-scons/build/subdir
#    scons: done building targets.
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Actually, that looks like exactly what I want. Let's see... – Andres Jaan Tack Dec 16 '09 at 19:08

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