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I have an INSERT query to insert multiple records and returns a set if CompanyID that inserted, and this query is working fine. I would like to stored those returned CompanyIDs into a table variable, so I can run another query after that using those CompanyIDs. I tried, but got stuck.

Please help.

-- Create a table variable
    CompanyID INT NOT NULL

INSERT INTO @CompanyIDs  -- STUCK right here and it failed

-- This INSERT query is working fine, and will return the CompanyIDs that inserted.
INSERT INTO [Apps].[dbo].[ERP_Company]
    output inserted.CompanyID
    SELECT DISTINCT(Company) AS Company
    , 'End-User'
    , 'MarketingUpload'
    , '0'
    , GETDATE()
    , '1581'
    , '1581'
    , GETDATE()
    , [Address]
    , City
    , [State]
    , ZipCode
    , 'Customer'
    , Segment
    , Industry
    FROM dbo.Import_CompanyContact icc 
    WHERE RefNum = 14
    AND MatchFlag = 3
    AND NOT Exists (SELECT * FROM dbo.ERP_Company
    WHERE REPLACE(Name, '''', '') = REPLACE(icc.Company, '''', '') 
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OUTPUT inserted.CompanyID INTO @YourTable
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That's it! Thank you so much. –  milacay Oct 3 '13 at 17:14

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