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In the past when I've done git push origin master from a git repo on my server, everything is fine and my latest commits are pushed to GitHub's repo.

I went to do it this morning and got this error: [~/www]# git push origin masterkey_from_blob: remaining bytes in key blob 1083
key_to_blob: unsupported key type 5
Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly [~/www]#

Usually github just asks me for my username and password. From some googling it seems like Key Type 5 may be som rsa_key or something? Not sure why it's trying to go this route.

Any ideas?

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First, you should set up public keys on Github so that you don't need to enter your username/password every time. There's a tutorial on doing this here

After doing this, try re-cloning your repository in a fresh directory. Patch your changes from the old repo and apply it to the new clone (or just copy+paste the modified files). Push

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