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I'm using the exact sample code from the AFNetworking README to download a file, but the request is immediately cancelled:

File downloaded to: (null) with response = (null) and error = Error Domain=NSURLErrorDomain Code=-999 "cancelled"

I thought another request might be canceling this one out in my larger application, so I created a new sample project with just one button that just does this download. So I know that isn't the case.

Googling for a solution only returned information about how to voluntarily cancel an existing request.

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It is a problem about redirections. Happens with 302 and 301 redirections.

I resolve the problem setting on the AFURLSessionManager object this block:

[manager     setSessionDidReceiveAuthenticationChallengeBlock:^NSURLSessionAuthChallengeDisposition (NSURLSession *session, NSURLAuthenticationChallenge *challenge, NSURLCredential * __autoreleasing *credential) {
return NSURLSessionAuthChallengePerformDefaultHandling;

I found the solution here: AFNetworking 2.0: NSURLSessionDownloadTask is cancelled when received 302 to AWS S3

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The server was responding with a 302 and the request was canceling itself. I had no way of knowing that unfortunately until I did a curl on the command line.

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