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I need to shade the area between symbolic curves and the x axis.

syms x

j(1) = x^2
j(2) = x^3
j(3) = x^5
j(4) = x^6

for i = 1:4
    f(i) = ezplot(j(i),[0,6000]);

This gives me an error. After looking in the matlab documentation, i end up with codes like

f1 := plot::Function2d(sqrt(x), x = 0..2, Color = RGB::Black):

Is this even matlab code? What's with the "::" and ":="? Why does this throw an error? Thanks for any help guys!


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This is maple code. Have a look to MuPad –  Alexandre Bizeau Oct 3 '13 at 19:37

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Write you command under mupad and after to call it with Matlab command window have a look to this : MatLab and MuPad

For more information go here

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The line f1 := plot::Function2d(sqrt(x), x = 0..2, Color = RGB::Black): is for MuPad (Symbolic Math toolbox). However, you can evaluate the symbolic functions without this toolbox using Matlab's ezplot.

The following figure

enter image description here

is given by (please see the comments that made your code work)

f{1} = 'x^2'; % declare as cell array {} of string ''
f{2} = 'x^3';
f{3} = 'x^5';
f{4} = 'x^6';

figure('Color', 'w');
for ii = 1:4                          %do not use i or j in Matlab
    h(ii) = ezplot(f{ii},[0,6000]);   %the correct way to call ezplot
    x = get(h(ii), 'XData');          %get the x and y data
    y = get(h(ii), 'YData');
    area(x,y,'FaceColor',[.7 0 0]);   %plot the (x,y) area in red
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Nice to know about the cell array of string. Thanks –  Alexandre Bizeau Oct 3 '13 at 21:45

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