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I've been running Ruby scripts for weeks now using a Service Account, but today I'm getting an "Invalid Request" when I try to build the client using the following function:

def build_client(user_email)
  client =
  client.authorization =
  :token_credential_uri => '',
  :audience => '',
  :scope => '',
  :signing_key => Google::APIClient::KeyUtils.load_from_pkcs12(SERVICE_ACCOUNT_PKCS12_FILE_PATH, "notasecret"),
   :person => user_email
  return client

Is there a lifespan on Service Accounts? I tried creating another Service Account and using that but I get the same result:

Authorization failed.  Server message: (Signet::AuthorizationError)
  "error" : "invalid_request"


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OK. I figured it out. It was all to do with the user_email. I was reading it from a file and forgot to chomp the linefeed off, so it was objecting to a mal-formed email address.

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