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I have been able to setup Vagrant on Windows 7 64-bit for a django project. The Vagrant instance is running the application with postgres as backend. I have setup port forwarding, so I am able to access through my browser on local machine. I have also setup remote interpreter in PyCharm. But, I am unable to figure out how to open the project, which is on vagrant instance, in PyCharm 3.0. I also have the source code on my local machine.

Any ideas?


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Synced Folders may be something you are looking for.

NOTE: by default Vagrant use VirtualBox's vboxsf for synced folder and share your project directory (where the Vagrantfile resides) to /vagrant within the guest.

However, vboxsf has known performance issues with large number of files and directories. You can try to move the project to /vagrant (or whatever synced folder) so that both the host (Windows 7) and guest can access the project easily. See if it works well. If you see slowness try moving to NFS or sshfs.


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