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I am using Cygwin to compile a third party application called iPerf.exe that I am using as a plug-in to my application. We are planning to distribute this application to our users. I know that GNU licence agreement of cygwin says that if you are planning to compile your application using cygwin then please be ready to make your code open source.

I am not compiling our entire application using cygwin. I using cygwin because we are using iperf.exe which was written for Linux. I had to change some of the source code and re-compile it in Windows to produce windows executable.

Here is my question:

Under GNU licence, do I have to release the iPerf.exe code that I have changed or I have to release the entire application code? I would not be allowed to release entire application code so I hope releasing my changes to iPerf.exe should be suffice.

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If your iperf.exe is linked against cygwin1.dll, then you must either release it under an OSI-approved license (as well as providing the sources for Cygwin itself if you distribute that too) or purchase a license buyout from Red Hat, as described here.

As for your application which uses iperf as a "plugin", that depends on the connection between the two; you'll need to be more specific to get a clear answer.

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So my application is used to send data packet over the TCP/IP. for this purpose we are using iPerf.exe plug-in. That is what functionality that iPerf brought into our application. My application does a lot of test cases(10-15) but only one test case used iPerf.exe. That is proportion to which iPerf.exe is relevant. –  Californicated Oct 4 '13 at 17:36
If that test-case is part of your program - as you just described it - then you don't have two separate programs here. That might make you require to release all under GPLv3+ and as you wrote you can't, then you need to obtain the buy-out license: redhat.com/services/custom/cygwin –  hakre Oct 7 '13 at 11:41

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