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I am looking BitmapViewport3D for rendering to a texture, and I am wondering if there is a way to render to a movie or film strip for later viewing. Anything like that built into PaperVision?

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import org.papervision3d.materials.MovieAssetMaterial;
var material:MovieAssetMaterial = new MovieAssetMaterial("material",false,true);
plane = new Plane(material,500,500); scene.addChild(plane);

"material" is the linkage ID from the asset in the library that you want to apply as the material.

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Hmm, I don't think this answers my question. This seems to be how to use a movie as a texture. That is not the part I am confused about. I want to know how to render the whole scene into a movie clip, so I can play it back with out re-renderering. Let me know if I am missing something. –  Jonathan Fischoff Dec 16 '09 at 20:46
Wait, you want to record? –  Tegeril Dec 17 '09 at 23:56
i guess so too, but i don't think its possible. –  antpaw Dec 18 '09 at 9:11

There is a way to do this... someone made a really cool library called FilmStrip.

I haven't tried it yet myself, but essentially it outputs each frame to a jpeg and you can turn it into a movie with ffmpeg etc.

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