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I followed the instructions to integrate JIRA and BitBucket.

I created a new project in JIRA and then added multiple Issues, version and components. After I enabled the integration, no issues,components or versions appear in Bitbucket. Repo in Bitbucket was created yesterday.

Was is the expected behavior?

BitBucket - Private issue tracker BitBucket - OAuthConsumer configured:

JIRA DVCS is configured. URL is empty, is this a problem?

BitBucket - Integrated Applications: JIRA DVCS and Jira Importer Plugin

JIRA - Smart Commits is enabled in my repository

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I have the same problem… – jirikolarik Mar 3 '14 at 13:52

Did you add bitbucket in Jira>System>Application Navigator? Can you switch to bitbucket?

You need to add account as Host:Bitbucket Jira>Add-on>DVCS Accounts: Host: Bitbucket Team or User Account OAuthKey OAuthSecret

If you like to auto link your new repos and enable smart commits, check out Auto link new repositories Enable Smart Commits

Your repositories will be synched after you complete this configuration.

We are also using Jira On Demand and we have no issue.

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This is announced now as a new Atlassian product:

JIRA Software and Bitbucket

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