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In our industrial automation application, we need to capture and display the data in the milliseconds.

We have data binding between data grid control and a DataTable object. We have around three hundred records which needs to be display in the grid. So we update the 300 records every time we get the records.


       TabularViewTable tvt = _presenter.WorkItem.Items.Get<TabularViewTable> ("TabularViewTable");

        foreach (DataRow row in tvt.Rows)
            row["Value"] = GetDataFast(row["Name"]);                

After connecting 10 devices, the CPU usage goes 15%. How to improve the performance using DataTable or using some custom data source



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You should seriously reconsider your user interface:

  • Is it really necessary to display 300 values? Ordinary human cannot concentrate on more than 7 things simultaneously,
  • Even if you lower number of parameters, there is frequency of refresh that seems to high to be practical.

You probably should do following:

  • create a dashboard with graphical representation of most important data (graphs, gauges, ...)
  • create drill down forms and reports, so that user can see what happened with system in any given period
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For starters you need to switch from a DataTable to a DataReader as it is much faster. Secondly I would look at a Lazy Loading architecture. Bind 50 entries and when they scroll to the bottom Bind/Load another 50.

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