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I would like certain parts of my code to not run while it is being run locally.

This is because, I am having trouble installing certain dependencies locally, for the code to run.

Specifically, memcache doesn't work for me locally.

@cache.cached(timeout=2000) #ignore this locally
def show_a_page():

How would the app somehow ignore the cache section of the code above, when running locally?

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just disable the running cache server. –  karthikr Oct 3 '13 at 21:46

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In my code I follow a Django-esq model and have a main settings.py file I keep all my settings in.

In that file putting DEBUG = True for your local environment (and False for production) I then use:

 from settings import DEBUG

 if DEBUG:
     # Do this as it's development
     # Do this as it's production

So in your cache decorator include a similar line that only checks memcached if DEBUG=False

You can then load all these settings into your Flask setup as detailed in the configuration documentation.

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If you're using Flask-Cache, then just edit the settings:

if app.debug:
    app.settings.CACHE_TYPE = 'null'  # the cache that doesn't cache

cache = Cache(app)

A better approach would be to have separate settings for production and development. I use a class-based approach:

class BaseSettings(object):

class DevelopmentSettings(BaseSettings):
    DEBUG = True
    CACHE_TYPE = 'null'

class ProductionSettings(BaseSettings):
    CACHE_TYPE = 'memcached'

And then import the appropriate object when you setup your app (config.py is the name of the file which contains the settings):

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