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I am evaluating RabbitMQ as an asynchronous middle-tier for my web application. My concern is that it will write to disk every single message it receives, as a consistency model. Is that true or does it optimize the queue in memory and serializes it to disk from time to time ?

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You can mark messages to be persistent or transient, and configure queues to be durable or not. If a message is transient, or is sent to a non-durable queue, it need never be written to disk at all.

For a persistent message sent to a durable queue, the message will only be written to disk if it can't be delivered immediately. At least, that's what i infer from the way that publisher confirms work: a confirm is an indication that a message has been safely accepted by the RabbitMQ broker, and that occurs when either the message is written to disk, or it is passed to a consumer.

There is also an aside in the second part of the tutorial which mentions that:

Also, RabbitMQ doesn't do fsync(2) for every message -- it may be just saved to cache and not really written to the disk.

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