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using CFMX7 and Oracle 10g ent on a query-intensive and active web site, I'm having a problem that some of the Oracle connections in my web server connection pool are accumulating open cursors. (In JDBC parlance this might be called a ResultSet object leak.)

This is a confusing situation in Oracle; read here for an explanation. http://www.orafaq.com/node/758

Any how, it's not cached PreparedStatements that are leaking, it's actually ResultSets.

My DBAs have set the OPEN_CURSORS parameter to 500 per connection. Fairly frequently, my connections get up to 450+, which triggers a DBA alarm (because we hope to avoid smacking web app users with ORA-01000 cursor exhaustion errors).

Does anybody know if there's a bug in ColdFusion (MX7) that causes this problem? Is there any way programatically to use CF to generate a ResultSet object leak (called a cfquery leak in CF)? Any suggestions?

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Here is some information that might be helpful.


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