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Here is a sample string: hello_world_again

So it would be converted to: HelloWorldAgain

So it should be able to remove the underscore and capitalize the next letter. The first letter should also be capitalize. I found this: preg_replace('/(?<! )(?<!^)[A-Z]/', '_$0', $val)

But now I want to reverse the process. Much help is appreciated! Thanks!

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Regular expressions alone will not work here. However, you can use preg_replace_callback instead:

$val = 'hello_world_again';
function match_toupper($m) {
    return strtoupper($m[1]);
$val = preg_replace_callback('/(?:^|_)([a-z])/', 'match_toupper', $val);
echo $val; // HelloWorldAgain

In PHP 5.3 or later, can also use an anonymous function:

$val = 'hello_world_again';
$val = preg_replace_callback('/(?:^|_)([a-z])/', 
    function ($m) {
        return strtoupper($m[1]);
    }, $val);
echo $val; // HelloWorldAgain

Also, if you ignore all the warnings and cautions about the e modifier, this will work too:

$val = 'hello_world_again';
$val = preg_replace('/(?:^|_)([a-z])/e', 'strtoupper($1)', $val);
echo $val; // HelloWorldAgain

And here's another solution that avoids regular expressions entirely:

$val = 'hello_world_again';
$val = implode('', array_map(ucfirst, explode('_', $val)));
echo $val; // HelloWorldAgain
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You must have seen me typing that :) +1. –  Sniffer Oct 3 '13 at 22:05
Oh this looks beautiful! –  user962449 Oct 3 '13 at 22:05

Just find using this, use a callback replace to convert $1 to upper

 #  (?:^|_)(.)

 (?: ^ | _ )
 ( . )             # (1)

Edit: If you run into a situation where the first character is NOT an alpha. In the replace, convert $2 to upper if it has length, then catenate $1 and $2
This strips out all _'s, and leaves any punctuation.

 # (?i)(?:^|_)\s*([^a-z\s]*)([a-z])?

 (?: ^ | _ )
 ( [^a-z\s]* )     # (1)
 ( [a-z] )?        # (2)
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People are quick on these easy answers. –  sln Oct 3 '13 at 22:10

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