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I'm trying to scrape a website with 2 or 3 href links for downloading pdfs. this is the format of the webpage

<p class="file">
                        <a class="ext-pdf" rel="file" href="http://static-mpc.assaabloy.com/lockwoodfile/Fetchfile.aspx?id=2573&amp;dl=1">Deadbolts Catalogue Section</a>
                        <span class="bdi">(.pdf, 660 kB)</span>

                    <p class="file">
                        <a class="ext-pdf" rel="file" href="http://static-mpc.assaabloy.com/lockwoodfile/Fetchfile.aspx?id=2625&amp;dl=1">Lockwood Home Security Solutions</a>
                        <span class="bdi">(.pdf, 3.7 MB)</span>

                    <p class="file">
                        <a class="ext-pdf" rel="file" href="http://static-mpc.assaabloy.com/lockwoodfile/Fetchfile.aspx?id=3045&amp;dl=1">Lockwood Elements Brochure</a>
                        <span class="bdi">(.pdf, 1.2 MB)</span>

So far I can get the links from the DOM but I cannot put them into the same array. This is my code:

foreach ($html->find('a.[class="ext-pdf"]') as $pdfurl) {



And this is the output Array ( [0] => http://static-mpc.assaabloy.com/lockwoodfile/Fetchfile.aspx?id=2594&dl=1 ) Array ( [0] => http://static-mpc.assaabloy.com/lockwoodfile/Fetchfile.aspx?id=2625&dl=1 )

what am I doing wrong? thanks! :)

Here is the solution for anyone wondering:

foreach ($html->find('a.[class="ext-pdf"]') as $pdfurl) 
$testarray[] = $pdfurl->href."<br>";


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$testarray[] = $pdfurl->href;

is what you should have. You're simply assining an array containing a url to the SAME variable each time, so each loop iteration trashes the variable you set last time around.

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Thanks,that has put me on the right track. foreach ($html->find('a.[class="ext-pdf"]') as $pdfurl) { $testarray[] = $pdfurl->href."<br>"; print_r($testarray); } Gives me this output: Array ( [0] => static-mpc.assaabloy.com/lockwoodfile/… ) Array ( [0] => static-mpc.assaabloy.com/lockwoodfile/… [1] => static-mpc.assaabloy.com/lockwoodfile/… ) I'm still a bit confused but I think it's counting the number of items in the loop and creating an array for each one? –  Laurie Williams Oct 3 '13 at 22:15
no. it's creating one array and adding the links as elements in that array. –  Marc B Oct 4 '13 at 16:06

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