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Is there any way to tell if the file is an image either through MIME type or some other way of inspection? The images are going into a gallery and I'll be resizing them as necessary and want to ensure, to the best I can, that the file I'm about to process with GDI is, in fact, an image.

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Try to load the file into a Bitmap object. If if you get an exception then it isn't an image.

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Duh! .......... –  xanadont Dec 16 '09 at 19:41

Check out this question/answer on stackoverflow and this one. I belive this is a duplicate question.

Also, look into reading a file's magic number especially if you are just trying to determine if the file is one of a few acceptable types. Magic number Wikipedia

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Yes, you can check the fileUploadCtrl.PostedFile.ContentType property and compare that string to an expected list of image MIME types i.e. image/gif. You can also perform additional validation by loading the uploaded image bytes into a System.Drawing.Image object. If it loads you know you have a good image, if it fails to load then perhaps the image is a forgery or an unknown format.

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