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I'm using jquery to parse some HTML, something like:

  var element = this.tagName;

I can access the tagName, children, parent... using the DOM or the more friendly jQuery functions.

But at one point a need the whole HTML of the current element (not what innerHTML or .html() return) and I can't figure out a one liner to get it (I always could attach the tag and the attributes manually to the innerHTML).

For example:

<a href="link">Link</a>

The innerHTML is Link but I'm looking for the whole <a href="link">Link</a>

does that oneliner exists?

Thank you.

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Thank you!, I don't know how I could find that one. –  MarcosPri Dec 16 '09 at 19:38

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Looks like this guy has a pretty nifty solution using jQuery: outerHTML

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just saw the anwser for this on the other thread :D


outerHTML 2

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