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Estoy usando una cola para gestionar los eventos como errores en el servicio, pero si el servidor de redistribución falla, necesito la cola intenta conectarse al servidor de redistribución, al menos 2 veces más después de tirar la excpetion.

Estoy tratando de usar la propiedad * RetryCount *, pero parece que no funcionan. Es otra manera de volver a intentar conectarse al servidor de redistribución mediante ErrorHandler?


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in English please! –  psxls Oct 3 '13 at 23:30
With Google translator he says " I'm using a queue to manage events as errors in the service, but if the redis server fails, I need the queue try to connect to server, at least 2 more times after throwing the exception.I'm trying to use the property * RetryCount *, but it seems not work. It's another way to re-attempt to connect to the server via ErrorHandler ? –  stefan2410 Oct 4 '13 at 1:03

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I suppose, I don't know Spanish, neither I use Redis, reading only the documentation ServiceStack RedisMqServer

this is the initialization, where you set the retryCount .

       var redisFactory = new PooledRedisClientManager("localhost:6379");
       var mqHost = new RedisMqServer(redisFactory, retryCount:2);

but the RetryCount, is protected (set)

                  public int RetryCount { get; protected set; }

So I think it is not possible to reset it.

I don't know about another way to "re-attempt to connect to the server via ErrorHandler "

I gave it a try

BTW I cannot find the source in github for RedisMqServer in ServiceStack v3.

During the last changes, it seems the link is broken.

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