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I am trying to get the page to be directed to the directory users/new, using a button_to However everytime I click on it, it generates an error saying

Routing Error

No route matches [GET] "/new_user_path"

Here is my application.html.haml which contains the button_to I am talking about


%title Rotten Potatoes!
= stylesheet_link_tag 'application'
= javascript_include_tag 'application'
= csrf_meta_tags

%h1.title Rotten Potatoes!

= button_to 'Sign Up/Login', 'new_user_path', :method => :get

  - if flash[:notice]
    #notice.message= flash[:notice]
  - elsif flash[:warning]
    #warning.message= flash[:warning]

  = yield

Here is the result of my rake routes

    movies   GET    /movies(.:format)           movies#index
             POST   /movies(.:format)           movies#create
   new_movie GET    /movies/new(.:format)       movies#new
  edit_movie GET    /movies/:id/edit(.:format)  movies#edit
       movie GET    /movies/:id(.:format)       movies#show
             PUT    /movies/:id(.:format)       movies#update
             DELETE /movies/:id(.:format)       movies#destroy
       users GET    /users(.:format)            users#index
             POST   /users(.:format)            users#create
    new_user GET    /users/new(.:format)        users#new
   edit_user GET    /users/:id/edit(.:format)   users#edit
        user GET    /users/:id(.:format)        users#show
             PUT    /users/:id(.:format)        users#update
             DELETE /users/:id(.:format)        users#destroy

This is my users_controller.rb file if that helps

class UsersController < ApplicationController

  def new

  def create

      if !!(@user)
      flash[:notice] = "New user #{@user.user_id} was successfully created."
      redirect_to movies_path
      flash[:notice] = "The User Id #{params[:user][:user_id]} already exists"
      redirect_to new_user_path


Note that the redirect_to new_user_path (with the conditional statement) works perfectly fine.

Can you tell me where the problem lies? Also, I tried using link_to as well and it still fails.

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1 Answer 1

Should the argument for button_to be the method new_user_path() instead of a string 'new_user_path'?

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