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What does PI in OSIsoft's 'PI System' stand for?


I can't tell if it stands for the symbol/number pi, or if it stands for a previous name for the technology, like 'Process Inteligence'. PI is too close to the more common BI to be just a coincidence.

Note - There are Channel9 videos that demonstrate how MS uses OSIsoft to monitor some operations. Links to the C9 videos are from the 'SQL 2008 R2' CEP pages. The SQL CEP features are called StreamInsight.


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PI used to stand for "Plant Information". Now that the PI System suite of products does much more and is used in many different environments, PI is just "PI".

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PI stands for Plant Information or Process Information, depending on who you ask.

A little bit of history for you; before PI was used in various industries, it was mainly geared to oil/gas. OSI used to stand for Oil Systems Incorporated.

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PI stands for process intelligence!whereby in its storage of information like intersection of matrices where there is small set of universe which represent the system,that intersection has never been zero,like for pi it has information as long as it is in connection with the plant.

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This is not true. Steve has the right answer. –  codea Aug 6 '14 at 12:32

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