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When i run this, the reader only reads and displays every other line. What am i doing wrong?

while (imputFile.hasNext()) {
            grade = imputFile.nextDouble();
            if (grade < 0 || grade > 100)
                System.out.print("Grade " + grade + " was invalid and ignored");
            else {
                sum += imputFile.nextDouble();
    averageGrade = sum/numberOfGrades;
    System.out.println("There were "+ numberOfGrades + " valid grades.");
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This doesn't have anything to do with your problem, but can you please change every instance of imputFile in your code to inputFile? –  nhgrif Oct 3 '13 at 23:50

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You are using imputFile.nextDouble() in your loop twice:

grade = imputFile.nextDouble();
sum += imputFile.nextDouble();

Try changing last line to

sum += grade;

to use already read value, not to read next one.

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For clarity, he's talking about the line in your else block. –  nhgrif Oct 3 '13 at 23:51

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