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Is there a Connection Pool Manager available for RedisNativeClient? We are doing byte level operations and use RedisNativeClient instead of the RedisClient.

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Here is the solution I implemented. RedisClient inherits RedisNativeClient so using PooledRedisClientManager and then casting the connection to RedisNativeClient works fine. It holds the same TCP socket. P.S. I am using Dependency Injection so I keep the lifestyle of this helper class singleton.

//Lifestyle is singleton
public class RedisHelper:IRedisHelper
    private readonly PooledRedisClientManager _poolManager;

    public RedisHelper()
        _poolManager = new PooledRedisClientManager("localhost:6379"); 

    public void RedisSingleSet(string redisKey, byte[] redisValues)
        using (var client = (RedisNativeClient)_poolManager.GetClient())
            client.Set(redisKey, redisValues);
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