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I'd like to know how to get the first item's data after changing the order in ng-repeat.

I have created the jsfiddle which loads first item of the data. I'd like get first item after orderBy title.


<div ng-controller="AppCtrl">
    <div data-items></div>

angular.module('App', []).
// sample data
controller('AppCtrl', function($scope){
    $scope.items =[
        {'title': 'Item 3'},
        {'title': 'Item 2'},
        {'title': 'Item 1'}
directive('items', function(){
    return {
        template: '<span ng-repeat="item in items | orderBy:\'title\'">{{item.title}}</span>'+
        controller: function($scope){
            // wants to get first item's title after ordered by title.
            // it should be Item 1
            $scope.currentItem = $scope.items[0].title;
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There are different ways to make this works. Easiest would be using the orderByFilter directly in controller, that way both controller & view share the same items.

Demo link

directive('items', function(){
    return {
        template: '<span ng-repeat="item in items">{{item.title}}</span>'+
        controller: function($scope, orderByFilter){  
            $scope.items = orderByFilter($scope.items, 'title');
            $scope.currentItem = $scope.items[0].title;
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