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I understand reading this and this, the namenode is responsible for distributing blocks of data across many many nodes and all computations on them are done (as much as possible)locally.

Now, I am using S3 as storage of Hadoop and EC2 machines only for MapReduce - so basically there is no Name Node and Secondary Name Node, only Job Tracker and Task Tracker. I can run the MapReduce jobs, but I don't get who does the chunking - creating blocks from the data file - of all the data that is stored in S3, if that happens ?

As I see there is no data locality on compute nodes, so data must be moved to the EC2 machines so computation can happen. Say I have two nodes A is both master and slave and B is its slave and S3 is where data is stored.

  1. Who splits the data and sends it across to A and B ? I am submitting the job from A - so A is the client.
  2. Now, if A got a block but does not end at a record boundary (say new line), where would the remaining data read from, S3 or from B ? (Question after reading this)

OR It does not happen as per my understanding ?

PS: I am learning Hadoop and MapRedue, and now I am only able to write some simle programs with custom FileInputFormat and can setup multi-node cluster - I am a newbie.


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