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This is a follow-up to an answer to: How to start Solr automatically?

I have solr running as a daemon as suggested above. But I realize it has used up more than 250GB for the log. I'm considering using logrotate to regulate the log size. In the logrotate conf file posted above there's a postrotate command to restart solr.

I'm running some critical processes that are always reading and writing to solr. So I don't want to regularly restart it. Is the postrotate restart strictly necessary?


I tried this with delaycompress and not restarting the daemon. A new log file was created, but solr kept writing to the old one (which was renamed to solr.log.1)

I tried again, without the delaycompress, and now both solr.log and solr.log.1 are empty. But df still shows the same disk usage as it did before the massive log disappeared!

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