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i`d like to get a value of a specific attribute directly without using foreach e.g.

my code:

    $xmldoc = new DOMDocument;

    $xpa = new DOMXPath($xmldoc);
    $titles = $xpa->query("//tpd:ParameterSet[@ProcessUsage='Customer']/tpd:Parameter/tpd:CustomerInfo");

    foreach ($titles as $title) {

        if ($title->hasAttributes()) {
            foreach ($title->attributes as $attribute) {
                print "AttributName= " . $attribute->name . "\n";
                print "AttributValue= " . $attribute->value . "\n";

so far it will gives you the output:

"T:\Program\PHP\php.exe" T:\run.php
AttributName= CustomerID
AttributValue= 1223
AttributName= CustomerOrderID
AttributValue= 1552045326210

Process finished with exit code 0

my question: Is it possible to grab the AttributValue of tpd:CustomerInfo/CustomerOrderID directly?

Thanks for your help!

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The XPath to get the attribute directly would be: //tpd:ParameterSet[@ProcessUsage='Customer']/tpd:Parameter/tpd:CustomerInfo/@Cu‌​stomerOrderID –  Mark Veenstra Oct 4 '13 at 7:23
okay, and how can i output this value in php? –  Ju Ch Oct 4 '13 at 7:37

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