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I have got a pentaho report designed in pentaho report designer. This report (main.prpt) contains employee id, name and surname. Employee id text field has a url set and must drill down to another report (drilldown.prpt) which must display details of the employee clicked.

The problem is it does not drill down. Please see 2 different approaches I tried to achieve this.

First Try:

  1. In the main report EmployeeId field's url formula (from style tab) is set to:

    =DRILLDOWN("local-prpt"; NA(); {"ENO"; [EMPLOYEENUMBER] | "name"; "drilldown.prpt"})

  2. ENO is the parameter is expected by drilldown.prpt is running an sql query based on this parameter.

  3. [EMPLOYEENUMBER] is the id which sits under each employeeId in my main.prpt. So clicked id can be sent through ENO. For example ENO=1245

  4. drilldown.prpt is placed in the same folder where main.prpt is.

  5. then I realized whenever I click on an employeeId on the main report, it is redirected to:


  1. Then the error dialog appears:

    Fatal Error, Error parsing parameter information.

Second try:

  1. First of all I copied drilldown.prpt file into C:\Program Files\pentaho\server\biserver-ee\pentaho-solutions\steel-wheels\reports\ folder.

  2. In the main report EmployeeId field's url style formula is set to :

    =DRILLDOWN("local‐prpt"; NA(); {"ENO"; [EMPLOYEENUMBER] | "solution"; "steel‐wheels" | "path"; "reports" | "name"; "drilldown.prpt"})

  3. I also need to fill the Path, because the drilldown function above is looking for the drilldown.prpt file under steel-wheels folder. But my drilldown.prpt file is not in a list although I copied it under the path that I put at step1. See it through ->style tab ->url ->formula editor. You are able to see browse button after adding the formula in formula textarea.

  4. I could not find any .xml or .property file under pentaho bi server which may contain some settings to add my drilldown.prpt so it could be visible in the list mentioned.

Just another important detail, my first main report is run through the pentaho designer and the report generated is displayed in the browser. Whenever I hit an employeeId on the report generated, it tries to access the drilldown report in reportviewer rather than browser.

In conclusion, this is all I have done. I used url (from style tab), I might be wrong in this methodology but I used the closest method which is presented in this link.

Any help is appreciated. I am sorry if my explanation is confusing. please let me know and I add further explanation.

PS:I can email the source files. Not readable in plain text, need Pentaho designer to open.

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