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I had an issue in safari 5.1 browser where the modal window was printing 2 chars if u press the key. To solve that issue i wrote this script

var isSafari51;
isSafari51 ='Constructor') > 0;
if (isSafari51){
    tem = navigator.userAgent.match(/version\/([\.\d]+)/i);
    if (tem[1] === "5.1"){
        document.onkeydown = function(evt) {
            if (evt.keyCode == 8 || evt.keyCode == 46 || event.keyCode == 37 || event.keyCode == 38 || event.keyCode == 39 || event.keyCode == 9 )
                return true;
            else return false;

Now the modal window text boxes are taking the inputs correctly but the normal input type text are not taking any inputs. Can anyone help me with this issue?

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I just added a check " window.opener != null " to returns a reference to the window that created the window. And it worked

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