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I want to know how can i update foreign objects in ORMLITE ?

Let's say i have these classes

This is parent

public static class Parent {

    int id;
    String name;

This is Child

public static class Child{
    int id;
    @DatabaseField(canBeNull = false, foreign = true,foreignAutoCreate = true,foreignAutoRefresh = true, columnDefinition = "integer references parent(id) on update cascade")
    Parent parent;

Assume that we have these values:

For Parent id=5 name = "big"

For Child id=338 Parent = {id=5,name="big"}

Here when i want to update my parent id it is working good:

firstId=5, lastId=6

UpdateBuilder<Parent, Integer> builder = ParentDao.updateBuilder();
builder.where().eq("id", firstId);
builder.updateColumnValue("id", lastId);

After that, I am using select command to be sure that it is updated or not. I'm sure it is updating for Parent. But when I update my Parent id, I am losing parent object in my Child object. It is appearing like this:

For Parent id=6 name = "big"

For Child id=338 Parent = {null}

Does somebody know any solution for this ?

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OrmLite does not auto-save nested objects automagically like other ORMs.

So you need to update Child also.

Steps are

  1. First you get the Parent object.
  2. Read Child from that.
  3. Update Parent
  4. Now set updated parent to child
  5. Update child also.
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How can i update Child after updating Parent ? i can't use where command because in child, parent is null. Do you have any example for this ? –  Emre Koç Oct 4 '13 at 6:47
added steps.. . –  Pankaj Kumar Oct 4 '13 at 6:50
I think Emre is asking about update cascade and not about nested objects, I mean he is asking about database feature like on delete cascade which is working for him –  Mohammed Subhi Sheikh Quroush Nov 23 '13 at 23:12
@MohammedSubhiSheikhQuroush And what I told :) I answered for the same. Isn't it? –  Pankaj Kumar Nov 25 '13 at 4:51
Actually the idea of updating id is totally wrong , the id should not be Updated so Emre will not have problem if he didn't update the id –  Mohammed Subhi Sheikh Quroush Nov 25 '13 at 13:59

I want to know how can i update foreign objects in ORMLITE ?

I may not be understanding the question but the proper way to do this is to just update the child.parent field like you would any other:

// child has a parent of #5
... child.getParent();

// update it with a new parent #6
Parent parent6 = new Parent(...);
// create the parent first so it gets an id
// set it on the child's field

This will update the fields of child in the database. The id field from parent will be updated from 5 to 6.

If you need to update the parent_id field directly from 5 to 6 then you will need to refresh any existing child objects:

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