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Im bulding an automate png to jpg, everything is bulit, but i have a problem detecting the png files, now im using the file name, and i am checking the ending, if it matches ".png" but this is not working for files that are png files and do not end with ".png". any ideas?

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how come png files do not end with png? –  Prasad Kharkar Oct 4 '13 at 6:47
see if this helps codeaid.net/php/… –  Pranalee Oct 4 '13 at 6:53
@PrasadKharkar File doesn't need an extension to work. –  Piotr Chojnacki Oct 4 '13 at 6:56
If u say a png file, it means it's extension is png. That is different thing that you can store any file as .png extension But the software which reads png file also recognize file by i's extension. SO when that software reads a file which is not originally png(means has been saved as png) will give some random output.(because it will treat that file same as originally png file and produce the output in the same manner) –  Jatin Khurana Oct 4 '13 at 7:02
Its better to check for extension. Yes png files may exist without the extension but that's a problem with the file not your program. Without extension , it's not reliable –  Aneesh Oct 4 '13 at 7:12

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u can try this

import javax.activation.MimetypesFileTypeMap;
import java.io.File;

class GetMimeType {
  public static void main(String args[]) {
    File f = new File(filePath);
    System.out.println("Mime Type of " + f.getName() + " is " +
                         new MimetypesFileTypeMap().getContentType(f));




public String getContentType(File file) throws IOException {
        return Files.probeContentType(file.getAbsolutePath());
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You can check the header of the file.
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portable_Network_Graphics#File_header.

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You can use Files.probeContentType(path) to get the mime type

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