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I am a beginner in rails. I have a Subject table (attribute: subject_name) and a Semester table (attribute: semester_no). a subject can be assigned to different semesters and a semester can have many subjects. so, there must be a many-to-many relation. i've created a semesters_subjects table (attribute: semester_id, subject_id). i need a form for the admin to assign the subjects to different semesters. From that form i need to save the subjects belongs to the semesters. how can i do that? where i save my these relations?

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Take a look at the rails guide on HABTM relationships:


If you set up a join model/table named semesters_subjects and add the code according to the guide to your models the join records will be created automatically using the right syntax.

For example to associate a subject with a semester


Or to create a subject associated with the semester


I'd also read up on ActiveRecord basics here:


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